Dream Big

The Campaign for Texas Woman’s University

Open Doors | Fuel Innovation | Cultivate Grit

Open Doors

Invest in opportunity. Break barriers. Transform lives.

Fuel Innovation

Blaze trails. Forge solutions. Elevate ideas.

Cultivate Grit

Foster perseverance. Empower determination. Ignite futures.

Pioneers, from inventors to entrepreneurs, share one thing in common: BIG DREAMS.

Throughout history, ground-breaking innovations, the exploration of unchartered territories and great works of art, literature and music saw their beginnings in a singular vision.

Millions of dreams have shaped civilization and the world we live in today. We are Pioneers at Texas Woman’s University. We cultivate and nurture the determination and courage—or as we say in Texas, true grit—that is needed to make dreams happen. We open the doors of opportunity, empowering all students to pursue their dreams.

And, finally, we choose to DREAM BIG, to innovate and transform, as we trailblaze a new future. Join us by supporting the 125th anniversary campaign for Texas Woman’s University.

Campaign Pathways

Open Doors

Educate a woman and empower the world.

Fuel Innovation

Empower solutions and trailblaze a bold future.

Cultivate Grit

Foster perseverance, break barriers and achieve excellence.

Dream Big Campaign Launch Events Video and Photo Gallery

Enjoy the video and photo gallery that include footage and images from the fall 2023 launch events across TWU’s Denton, Dallas, Houston campuses.

$125 Million Goal
$120,001,553 Raised
16,933 Unique Donors